Vision and Mission


To groom the children into Conscious, Competitive, Social and Morally Upright Citizens through its value based Quality Education which includes Knowledge, Self-Learning Techniques, Introspection, Social Values and Competitive Edge for the new world order.


The School strongly believes each child is bestowed with immense talent and creativity, which can be nurtured by bringing into existence an environment which promotes Sociological, Psychological and Academic Excellence.

Our mission includes:

  • Preparing the students to achieve academic excellence.
  • Preparing the students with social skills, emotional maturity and open mindedness to live in a multi-cultural, multi-religious and international environment.
  • Promoting among the students a personal quest for knowledge and creativity in the spirit of life-long learning.
  • Training the students, through aesthetic education, to appreciate, the finest human endeavour so as to help them in the field of art, culture and literature.
  • Nurturing among the students intellectual flexibility and psychological fortitude so as to help them adapt to the fast changing world.